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Discover the pinnacle of swivel design with our 46DME Swivel—an innovative unit engineered to surpass industry standards. Tailored to replace the 40RM and 40PGIR swivels, this powerhouse offers a 3" watercourse, 1,500 max PSI, and an impressive 140,000 lb. load capacity.

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We've added quite a few additions to our new website. See an overview of these features on X - we've made a thread listing our new site capabilities.

We are still in the process of adding repair manuals for all of our units. If you are unable to download the repair manual for your specific swivel, contact us and we will provide as soon as possible.

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A lowly saturated side view of the 2JW swivel, cut in half to add a bit of classiness


An extensive selection of conventional-style drilling swivels

Well Packers

Ribbed and V-shaped, six-fin well packers on PVC or SCH40 steel pipe

Pump Parts

An array of mud pump parts, such as complete Pistons, Piston Kits, Rods, Liners, and Valves

Swivel Parts

Replacement parts for all of our manufactured swivels, including King Oil Tools, Little Giant, Failing, and Speedstar

Orange Aid

Hydro-carbon free tool joint compound that helps protect, lubricate, and stop thread galling

Shale Traps

A cone-shaped formation packer to seal between casing and annulus

BP Assembly

A simple solution to develop and gravel pack a well while maintaining control of the well screen

Pipe Fittings

Couplings and Nipples in right-by-right and right-by-left NPT threads


A three-fin design K-Packer to seal between drop-pipe/screen and casing

Pipe Wipers

A compression-molded rubber disc designed to clean mud and debris off drill rod


Western Rubber & Manufacturing (WRAM) was founded in 1977 as a custom rubber design and manufacturing plant for the oilfield industry. Located on the outskirts of downtown Houston, Texas, our product line consisted mainly of pistons and oilfield replacement stripper rubbers.


Over the following years, WRAM acquired employees familiar with conventional-style drilling swivels for the water well industry. WRAM quickly expanded its product line to include swivels and replacement parts catered to on-land oilfield and water well drilling markets, as well as many different types of downhole sealing equipment.


With the expansion of WRAM's product line, employee growth and customer demand, in 2006 WRAM relocated to a 19,000 square-foot manufacturing facility just north of Houston in Conroe, TX. WRAM's product line continued to grow to offer products for the horizontal-drilling, irrigation, mining, and construction industries.

Today, WRAM's swivel manufacturing line includes units in many different types of configurations, such as rotating heads, side-inlets, mud/rotary and air drilling units for water well drilling, and large-I.D. swivels for reverse-circulation drilling applications.


WRAM proudly offers many different types of downhole sealing equipment. From a complete line of K-Packers to seal between screen and casing, Well Packers and Shale Traps (formation packers) to seal between casing and annulus, and Pipe Wipers to clean drill rod - all of which are offered in a wide range of sizes and installation styles.

With our rubber molding facility, multiple-CNC equipped machine shop, in-house engineering staff and our dedicated and knowledgeable employees with expertise reaching as far back as the company's inception - while working together - WRAM has found no task too difficult to accomplish.

Since 1977, from Houston to Conroe, a quaint number of products offered, to a vast catalog of drilling equipment to accommodate today's driller - our focus has remained the same since the beginning - to provide the highest quality product at a fair market price while maintaining the technical support, customer service and product availability that is required in today's drilling and well development markets.


We know it takes a strong individual in the field. And we know you need drilling tools that are even stronger. At Western Rubber & Mfg.


This is Quality. Built in.

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